Legacie Mira F1

Sire: Black Magic of Legacie

Dam: Legacie Starburst

Mira is our first F1 we have held back off our leopard cat.  She has amazing wild type and a coat to die for. 
She has beautiful tri colored rosettes on a buttery yellow background. 
She has retained a totally stark white belly al the way to her face along with the ocelli on her ears.  Her personality is even better than her looks.
We are enjoying the special bond of this F1 girl. We look forward to what she will produce for us in the future.









Sire: Callista Some Kind of Wonderful of Legacie

Dam: Legacie Windflower











Legacie Black Dahlia SBT

Sire: Amantra Phantom Spirit of Legacie

Dam: Legacie Night Blooming Cereus
















Legacie Autumn Dream  SBT

Sire: Anjali Dream About Me of Legacie

Dam: Legacie Autumn Gold













Amantra Mosiac of Legacie SBT

Sire: Amantra Legacie Made

Dam: Legacie Fireworks


Thanks to my wonderful friend Janice at Amantra for this stunning girl.  She has the clearest coat and giant blocky rosettes. 
Her head is amazing with her giant, bright green eyes. 















Legacie Night Blooming Cereus   SBT


Sire: Legacie Northern Lights

Dam: Pocket Leopards Sage of Legacie


Cereus is a mink snow, she could possibly be a charcoal as well.  She has incredible rosettes along with nice type like mom.
Her contrast shows off her pattern, the rosettes appear to float on her coat.  
She has a darling personality like dad and mom.






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